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  • I live in a magical mushroom in the awesome land of Ketchuptopia.
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is staying alive and hunting Dragons.
  • I am a hybrid.
  • EnchantedDragon

    This awesome page will probably be updated daily so check it out A LOT!! These are going to be odd things that EnchantedDragon finds. I will try to update it daily, so check it out a lot!! If you want to contact me to donate more new and weird facts, check out my message wall!!

    • Snakes can't slither over glass.
    • Girls have more taste buds than boys.
    • The tallest snowman was even higher than a 12 story building.
    • The library book that was the most overdue book was 288 years late.
    • The Empire State Building was built using about 10,000 bricks.
    • If you traveled at the speed of light, you wouldn't ever get older.
    • The oldest tree that still stands is about 5,000 years old which is almost the same time the pyramids were made.
    • A mere 11 year old girl named Pluto…

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